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2020 wasn't exactly the year we/I thought it was going to be.

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Client: Various Volleyball Clubs in Southern California (SoCalVBC, Viper Volleyball)

Project: Create videos to highlight various programs, athletes and communities.

Here are a few snippets from some video work during the 2020 Beach Volleyball Season (such as it was) These videos were created for their respective clubs [Social Media &YouTube] to highlight programs or events during the few moments of play around the COVID restrictions and lockdowns that define 2020.

Working mostly from static cameras and B-roll can make creating a compelling story difficult, but by building around good music and adding graphics we gave added life to the footage and stories we wanted to share.

I feel super fortunate and grateful that part of my life is filled with coaching. I deeply enjoy being around to watch & help as athletes develop and grow into confident successful players and adults.

Keep an eye out for new stuff as 2021 gets more underway, as hopefully we find ourselves more able to engage and get together to play, train, compete and share our stories from the beach.

**Several of the videos take place before we were all dropped into the bad dream of isolation, restriction and COVID.

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