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About Me:

There is purposely not a traditional About Me here. I am not interested, it seems, in being traditional. Truth be told I suck at most of the "traditional" things going on around me anyway.

The idea of yet another situation to blurb about myself, frame my experience using cool or trendy resume language, just isn't in the cards right this second. It all seems false to me. Like a social media profile or feed somehow asking me to show only the best parts of my life, only the good times, or work to convince others to see me a certain way. The world spins on, but we don't have to buy into all of it.

Instead I have decided to try something, I am working to share my story. Meant to show more about who I really am, both the projects I am proud of, and the path to them along the way. Time to start a new chapter and travel a new path.

"People don't buy what you make, they buy why you make it."

For those that need the nuts and bolts, or cool resume language - go to LinkedIn. For anything else poke around here or reach out.

Be Well~


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