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Video Project: (Chatting) - October 2019

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Client: TERTAD Content: "Chatting" [Pilot]

Project: Pilot Episode of a b-roll, interview, docu-series highlighting the journey of student athletes

After years of coaching and working with amazing athletes and coaches all over the country I felt we predominately heard a very small portion of the stories being experienced by athletes. Sports stories are largely framed by the successes of the 3%. Those whose path while challenging, difficult and full of sacrifices still often lead to places only a relatively small amount of participants can reach.

But, there are lessons, growth, heart, stories, passion and realities being overlooked. And there were countless athletes who didn't have anyone to relate their sports experience to. Most junior athletes will not go on to play college let alone even be interested in pursuing professional sports - but that doesn't make the value of sports or the lessons learned along the way any less compelling or valuable.

So I started developing a format more than anything. It didn't make sense to create a full blown production process, I wanted to it feel organic. I believed that too big a footprint would change the spontaneous and genuine conversation that I wanted to drive the series. I didn't want these young athletes to feel pressure, sitting down in an interview environment, the lights and camera forcing them to "be" something. I wanted to create an environment they could just be themselves in.

In the end I decided to simply capture a variety of b-roll footage to drive the visuals and show the athlete in their environment. And over a couple days do an audio interview/conversation about their genuine journey to drive the underlying story.

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