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Commercial Project (Arizona Department of Health Services) - 2008

Client: AZ Department of Health Services (Champions for Change)

Project: Series of multi-lingual spots to promote healthy eating and time spent with your children


This cool and simple series of spots for The Arizona Department of Health Services ended up being one of the last commercial projects I would work on. What a great note to end on.

Commercial and short form production is a unicorn of sorts in the creative field - it's the opportunity to tell visceral, visual and hopefully very compelling stories. In this case each of these personal stories was crafted to help promote a healthier lifestyle and reach out into a demographic that always needs good role models.

For that matter doesn't every demographic need good role models...

Plus, they gave me another chance to work with a mentor of mine, Executive Producer; Michelle Bizzarro our mutual buddy Director; Damon Pablo and the amazing DP; Russell Fine of "The Wire".

The spots; multilingual public service announcements for the Arizona Department of Health Services highlighting ways to be active with your children and promote adding more fruits and vegetables as a part of a healthy diet. It was a great message and several beautiful spots.

Little did I know they would mark the end of a successful production career and begin a series of new chapters.

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