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I write these words tonight, found in the gaps of the day and best heard at night when life sleeps. They are meant to conjure life from the heart of man - conjure a moment of connection between two spirits brought before each other.

I can hear with each breath the sensor of my heart talking of the nature these words have and of the past such expressions has brought. Not this night, not this night will I listen to those thoughts. I hear them, but this night as the thoughts of you come into my head I will speak them for it is my heart I listen to as the day goes to sleep.

Speak not the wounds our pasts brought, those lessons are done. This moment just be free, this moment be open, this moment just be. Twice now through the truth and willingness we have found butterflies and met the fluttering wings with a gentle kiss. Even now the fluttering wings keep my heart warm in thoughts of another time when I can pull you in and feel the gentle flutter of your wings. Holding a kiss showing we heard each other in the moment.

I'll not hold your time longer than this last line, for it is now I will lay and hold the energy of comfort over you in my minds eye so that you might sleep somehow knowing I am there.

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