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Galtons Words

Your words have faded from memory

I am left hollowed out

Your skill at severing the cord

Not a clean cut

You will see my face in the morning I think

Come rain or shine

I will not be there as a reminder

But as a supporter

Telling you, this time not saying a word

I support your healing by coming here

As I always did

Know that I will no longer reach out after this moment

I move on, as I wish you had

You from your unfeeling cover, to me

And me from your absence, to now

I will not let my hurt stop me from healing

The hurt that holds my heart prisoner

Even though your’s is a different jailer

We both built a similar prison

No heart truly means to do harm, it‘s not in their nature

But choice is

Remember the words given to you in open exchange

They are a rare gift

I remember yours

As life holds more back, only in choice

I chose as I do now, to give you these words

Heal your heart and take whatever time you need

I won’t be here when you are done

I’ll be there when you call. I can’t be.


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