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Photography Project (Columbine HS Sports Photography) - November 2012

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Client: Personal Project: Sports Photography

Project: CHS


This image has become one of my favorites. I began doing some causal sports photography when I was coaching at a HS in Colorado in 2012.

Photographically I found myself drawn to the elements of team, and moments of connection with each other or as in this image with fans. I have a more journalistic style in my shooting and as I was only able to shoot when I wasn't coaching, most of my images are captured on the fly with little planning or set up.

I caught this moment while working to grab a series of images with the full bleachers as the backdrop.

This image by far spoke to me the most once I started color correcting as I found myself really liking the idea of not knowing what the athlete was experiencing as she approaches the rowdy crowd alone.

Elements of team, family, and the connection a team provides shows up again and again in my shots I ended up publishing. Capturing these little moments of focus, celebration or connecting during a play are still my favorite things about sports photography.

So much more happens in between things then we realize as a spectator. But for anyone to truly understand being a part of a team or the experience of an entire season I believe you should feel the beats in between the action as much as the action itself.

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