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Photography Project (Disney Walkabout) - December 2012

Client: Personal Project: Disney Walkabout

Project: Capture the happiest place on earth.


Probably among one of the most photographed places in the US, Disneyland is a challenge to shoot in a way that can provide a unique POV. Shooting during a normal day, during the holidays made that even more...interesting.

Some of the best images I got on this particular trip were from across the street through the window of my hotel room. My fascination with DL seems to be about the experience a family has while there. I am a purist to a degree and prefer the more condensed, crowded California version of the park. It is why and where it all begin and because of that holds its own special magic.

There are so many ways to enjoy the park and the many unique experiences you can have there. I love being there when it is packed for some reason, surrounded by the families, the noise, the energy of people from far away and those who have a CA annual pass. Being there is like being a part of a California organism, and one of the most beloved landmarks in all the US.

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