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Photography Project (Family Outing to Safari Park) - December 2012

Client: Weismiller Family Outing - SD Zoo Safari Park

Project: Provide a custom story & memory of family outing to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park


This was a great and fun little project with an amazing family. I was in CA for the holidays and was playing around with some new product ideas at the start of a photography business. I was drawn to moments and story, not so much the story of a single photograph, more how a series of photographs could tell a genuine story of a moment in time. Could I create the feeling of an outing and at the same time capture it in a way that wasn't snapshots or posed? Could I use photos and create a time capsule within a moment in time?

So with an afternoon to kill The Weismiller family and I set out to explore The San Diego ZOO - Safari Park.

It felt important to be as much of a passive observer in this moment as possible to best capture what if actually felt like on the day for the family. Which was difficult since I knew and enjoyed hanging out with them. As the afternoon moved on it became easier to blend into the background during certain moments and capture as many of the simple exchanges and truth of the time they were spending together.


Here is a selection of pages from the final book:

I used text to set the scene a little and provide some background to the park and to some of the attractions. Laying out the images to fill in the story and tell the family story of the day.

The final images & story came out great. The family loved their hard back book and I enjoyed the challenge of telling a very simple story, providing a glimpse back in time. A compiled memory more complete than a handful of digital snaps or member of the family distracted in trying to take photos and missing the actual time together.

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