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Photography Project (Xmas Tree Outing) - November 2013

Client: Personal Project: Xmas Tree Outing

Project: Annual Family Tree Cutting


Every year my family takes advantage of living in Colorado during the holidays and cuts their own Christmas Tree. It is a special family tradition my sister and her family started when her kids were small and now that they are having their own kids it has started to carry over to the next generation.

You never really know what you are going to get in the mountains during November or early December in Colorado - or anytime really. The old joke being; don't like the weather? Just wait twenty minutes. We have gone up to find everything covered in two feet of snow, but on this trip it was amazing weather...and way easier to hike in and cut a great tree.

I took part in this tradition pretty much the entire time I was living back in CO, and interestingly enough I never seemed to take pictures of the actual trees we cut for the holiday. I was always engrossed in the contrast of landscape, just below tree line, or the colors as fall turned to winter.

I love that my sister took the time to put together these traditions in their holidays, it makes them special, ties everything all together and turns out to be all the best parts of the holiday season when you are connected to these little moments that fill up a much longer season.

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