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This Still Lonely Heart


"this still lonely heart"

The silence was no more deafening than an airport at Christmas.

Yet I could hear her speaking to me across a lonely distance.

The smile on her face as much a sign as a fleeting moment could be.

Yet together our silence spoke the flirtations of today.

Time, it passed, and nothing... then in a moment time was gone.

Would this chance at happiness pass by, holding to fears coat tails?

Her smile told a story, “Don’t let me slip away.”

A gentle assumption, maybe it could go too far.

Together we leapt into the dark of a night sky.

Neither one looking at the ground as is swept past us, our tarmac left far behind.

Now sped up, intense in its verse.

Our hearts were loosed.

Beneath our fluttered wings the world slipped away.

No longer real.

Now, the ground has caught back up to the heart.

The world let back in.

We no longer hear passions rumbling under our wings.

Today, a lost moment, this grounded heart.

A not so new scar, a not so new flight.

This leap will not be the last.

Each time hopes' parachute deploys a little later but still it flops out behind the fall.

Hoping to catch this still lonely heart.

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