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No Answer Here

There is no answer here, in fact there is no question

Though to wonder is nothing new

Missing beats of my now again empty heart

I hold firmly to old lessons, past scars

There is no anger as life rolls again the dice

Worn down into this same position

I watch as life’s now empty moments pass by

And I will not wonder

Because the imagination of full dreams is long since awake, but unfulfilled

Instead I know that in today’s desperate escape

I am a builder

Building up again the wall

I long to tear down

So today to stave off new growth to this already fortress

I will clean off the old, I will dust off the past

Choosing no new bricks to stack

Hoping still to find the tools to bring my hollow empire to it’s knees

Watching, still somewhat standing, atop my wall

Thinking once you might still come

Now knowing you have gone

So I’ll climb down from my hope

Looking now inside, instead of out onto the landscape

For the tools to clean the walls

Build somewhere to hide

Just knock if you stop by~



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