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Video Project (Overlook Timelapse) - 2016

Client: Personal Project: The Boulder Overlook, Sunset Time Lapse

Project: Create a 3D projection in AE to provide depth and camera movement.



While far from perfect, I like the end result of this projection time lapse project. The base footage is from along a scenic overlook on the way to Boulder CO. The TL on its own it was nice, but I decided to futz with it and see if I couldn't work on my AE skills while finding a little more to offer from the footage.

I started by creating a layered camera map in AE CS6 using several masked solids to create some 3D space. Added a simple camera move, some particle effects, lens flare and finally a little color correction to make this more dynamic and interesting.

Plenty of things to work on next time - I think there might be some interesting thing to create along this line, but to really do it well I'll need a better shooting plan. The angle of the shot along with whatever intended camera move you intend can go a lot further if the base plate is set up a little better.

Not bad for a first attempt, onto the next thing.

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